Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: Useful or Not?



As the technology improves, we get more functional, innovative products that help us in our everyday life. Same goes to for health technology and equipment. Nowadays, you can find almost every medical device that has some smart or wireless features. Blood pressure monitors are no exception. If you want, you can buy yourself wireless blood pressure monitor. But are they a great replacement for the standard blood pressure monitors? Are they better? More precise? Or are they just yet another marketing gimmick that will make you spend the money and overpay the product? On all of this questions we will try to give you the answer, so let`s start.


Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors:

Wireless blood pressure monitors are very new products on the market. They are, as their name says, wireless, which makes them very portable. Some of them have even some smart features. They can be connected to your smartphone for tracking your health status through months. The app on your phone can also give you the inside on what normal blood pressure ranges are for your sex, age, weight and height. They are definitely a useful addition to the wireless blood pressure monitors. There are also simpler wireless blood pressure monitors. They use the battery for the source of power and feature simple digital screen to provide you with the gathered info. They are not full of features like smart blood pressure monitors. But they are very simple to use, which is definitely a plus for an older people. Pretty much every modern blood pressure monitor is better than old ones because every modern blood pressure monitor can also track your heart rate, which was impossible with the old ones.


Are wireless blood pressure monitors just a gimmick?

Now we come to the serious question. Are wireless blood pressure monitors just a gimmick, or are they really worth of the money? In our opinion, they are worth of the money that you spend on them, even the simplest wireless heart rate monitor is better than those old ones. The first reason why is because there is no place for human error. With old heart rate monitors, there were always a possibility for the human error if they would not hear the heartbeat in the right time and etc. There was a serious chance for a wrong blood pressure reading. But, with wireless monitors, this possible error is removed because they are automatized and always work almost 100% right.

Second reason why wireless blood pressure monitors are better that the old ones are that they can measure your heart rate. Old blood pressure monitors never had that option, to begin with, you were only able to get the reading of your blood pressure, not heart rate.

Third reason is that wireless smart blood pressure monitors can keep track of your every reading. With the app for your smartphone, you can check how high or low was your blood pressure this day, week, month, or even a year. And with looking at this data you can see if there was any problem with your blood pressure or heart rate in the past. This is definitely the feature that is way beyond of what old blood pressure monitors were capable of.


But there are two problems…

There is one problem with wireless blood pressure monitors, especially with the smart blood pressure monitors. And that is the price. Some smart blood pressure monitors can cast you more than 100$. Which is definitely a high price. But, if you are in need for the added features and better quality of blood pressure readings, then the price should not be the problem.

Other possible problems with wireless blood pressure monitors are connection and software issues. It could happen that your blood pressure monitor does not record the data, or that it won`t connect to the smartphone. Then you have just a useless product. You need to realize when the product is more complexed than there is a higher chance that something could go wrong. But don`t feel discouraged, there is a pretty low chance that you would get the monitor with those problems. Wireless monitors are the future and the will only become better as the time passes.

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