What is Big Pharma?



What really is Big Pharma? What is the meaning of this word? Well, Big Pharma is a name for a pharmaceutical lobby. A collection of pharmaceutical companies that work together for their own causes. But is this true? Are pharmaceutical companies working only for their own good? Are they in it only for a money? Is Big Pharma conspiracy just story? Or does it has some validity? Many people think that pharmaceutical companies are in it just for money, and there are some many evidence that confirms that claims. But is it really the truth? Should we be scared of Big Pharma and what it could do to our society? Well, we will tell you everything that we know, and hopefully, inform you about the topic. So let`s start.


Definition of Big Pharma:

So, what is the definition of Big Pharma? We pretty much said simple definition in the introduction, but there is much more that we need to take in consideration. Definition of Big Pharma is named for the collective global pharmaceutical industry. That means for all the big pharmaceutical companies. That was the only meaning of this name in the past. Now, demonized or not, this name has a whole and complete different meaning. When people hear Big Pharma, they immediately connect it to bad connotation, to negative meaning. This show that whole meaning and definition of the term can be warped by people. And this is a very common thing when you are talking about the pharmaceutical industry.


What does Big Pharma mean today?

After the big conspiracy theory by Robert Blaskiewicz, Big Pharma has a whole new, dark meaning. Nowadays, Big Pharma meaning is all the negative that is connected to the pharmaceutical companies. People believe that pharmaceutical companies work together to create desires so that they could create the cures and sell them for astronomical prices. Also, people believe that pharmaceutical companies don`t develop new medications, especially new medications for curing and destroying super-bacteria. And the reason is because the development of the cure is too high. So most people think that Big Pharma is in the business only for themselves, not for the betterment of whole humanity.




Is there any truth to Big Pharma conspiracy?

Considering all the rumors, conspiracies that are floating around the world, is there any validity to those claims? Well, first, we need to consider that pharmaceutical business is just that, business. There are many companies competing with one another to develop the better cure. To develop the best product that will be used all around the world. Considering the competition and greediness of people. It’s not hard to imagine that pharmaceutical companies would do all they can to improve their business, to earn more money and to sell more of their own products.  This is one of the points of Big Pharma conspiracy that is hard to argue, pretty much all of the pharmaceutical companies are in it for the money, not for the betterment of the whole human race.

Now comes to the question point about developing the cure. How pharmaceutical companies won`t develop the cure if they don`t see the financial benefit of developing it. It’s not easy to confirm this claim because we don`t have the access to the information about the development of the cures, but it is not hard to believe that this might be the case. Why would any pharmaceutical company develop potential cure if they don`t see any financial benefit from it? In their mind, they see the only potential financial problem that could destroy their company. Or they don`t see enough demand on the market for developing the cure. Or, one of the most immoral options, they have developed the cure, but they wait until the disease becomes more spread around, and then, and only then when there is a large need for the cure they will step up, sell it, and make a profit. This is a very disturbing thing to believe and consider, but hear us out. When there was a last ebola epidemic and there was a real threat of worldwide epidemic, it only took around one year or less for pharmaceutical companies to develop the cure for ebola. This only shows that pharmaceutical companies were able to develop the cure well before then, but they didn`t, they didn`t saw the need for the development because they didn`t saw any potential profit from it. This sounds scary, right? Thinking that there are already cures for some diseases from which people die, but they are not out just because of interest of the pharmaceutical companies.

And here is one of the most „Out of this world„ claims, that pharmaceutical companies create artificial diseases so that they could sell the cure for that disease. This part of the conspiracy is one that is pretty much very hard to believe, but, even this has some good points. And the point is that HIV virus didn`t exist until 1980`s or at least we didn`t detect it until then. The conspiracy theory goes that pharmaceutical companies have created the HIV virus, that they made it spread in the way that it spreads through population so it does not infect the whole population, but a large portion. And when the large population has become infected, they would develop the cure or treatments to prolong the lifespan of people that are infected, maybe even a cure in some period of time. This is definitely one of the most serious claims that we have heard, and if it is true, one of the evilest events in human history. But we don`t really believe that this is a case. If it was, we would probably hear a lot of leaks about the whole development of disease and etc. And we don`t believe that Big Pharma would be so evil to doom more than 50 million people around the world. HIV and AIDS are around now for almost 40 years if there was any cure we would have it already. And Pharmaceutical companies definitely would not wait for 40 years to get the profit for developing the cure. If there is a cure for HIV, pharmaceutical company that has a cure would start to sell it immediately, that is for sure.


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